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Sustainability and the responsibilities of the managed office

As a business owner in 2021, sustainability and ESG has likely been top of your workplace agenda for a while. Whether you’re looking to incorporate better standards day-to-day, introduce new initiatives or simply looking to inspire greener choices amongst your employees – choosing to work with a serviced office provider, like Pulse, is a good place to start.

Being part of Thirdway, Pulse holds a unique position to not only be sustainably conscious within our own operational functions and our spaces, we’re also able to advise and deliver significant and positive change for our clients.

As a design-led company, sustainability is a core part of our design process. We work closely with our internal and external network to proactively source eco-friendly manufacturers and suppliers; many of which are UK-based to help harness a more sustainable approach. BREEAM, SKA and LEED are all environmentally friendly build accreditations which our design team always encourage clients to consider when relocating or refurbishing their office.

Our Environmental & Sustainability Management System (EMS) along with our corporate social considerations have been fully integrated into the way we deliver services and projects to our clients. We’ve implemented a thorough, yet practical, set of policies, procedures, processes, and checklists to provide our staff and project partners with the information needed to run a sustainable office.

As the world becomes more green-conscious, we understand that tenants are seeking space providers that show commitment to being eco-friendly.

Natalie Hughes – Operations Director, Pulse

Natalie Hughes, Operations Director at Pulse believes ingraining sustainable initiatives into daily processes is now vital for any business, especially within a managed offices;

“As the world becomes more green-conscious, we understand that tenants are seeking space providers that show commitment to being eco-friendly. At Pulse, we engage with our tenants to ensure we are creating an office environment that supports their approach to sustainability. For Pulse tenants, this doesn’t just include the fabric and materials of the office, but also the whole ecosystem that they inhabit. We support this by offering access to cycle parking, roof terraces and green spaces, well-being technology, recycling and an offering of sustainable office supplies and partners.”

The increased awareness of sustainability within the workplace has already created a shift in both mindset and values for many companies. Whether it’s placing a focus on designing in a way that’s kinder to the environment, considering waste management or making small changes around the office, all these things have the ability to contribute to reducing your workplaces’ carbon footprint whilst encouraging employees to do so too.